In 2015, Martin Police responded to approximately 20,000 calls for service. Patrol officers are the first responders to our community’s request for service.

The primary function of police officers assigned to patrol is to:

  • Provide a uniformed response to calls for service
  • Act as a visible deterrent to crime
  • Protect the community
  • Provide traffic enforcement
  • Educate and provide the foundation of resources for other programs to the community

Community Oriented Policing

Martin Police embraces the philosophy of Community Oriented Policing. Community Oriented policing is a philosophy that guides police management style and operational strategies. It emphasizes establishment of police-community partnerships and a problem solving approach that is responsive to the needs of the community. One of the major objectives of community policing efforts is to establish an active partnership between the police and the community that can analyze problems and design and help implement solutions and services that are truly community based. This requires the police to make a conscious effort to create an atmosphere in which community partners actively and willingly co-operate with the police.

Characteristics of Community Oriented Policing are:

  • Partnership
  • Problem solving
  • Empowerment
  • Accountability