Crime Stoppers

sp86The Martin Police Department and Weakley County Crime Stoppers needs your help.

Reward Yourself and Your Community by calling 587-2611. Earn up to $1,000 for information that will aid Law Enforcement Officials in the apprehension and formal charge of crimes. The actual amount of the reward will be determined by Weakley County Crime Stoppers.

How You Can Help

  • To phone in a tip on a crime or a possible crime, simply call 587-2611. Don’t tell your name. No one will know it. Just tell what you know or suspect and get your own secret personal ID number. Use it later when you call back to find out if the Police made an arrest and how to collect your reward.
  • To contact our Crime Stopper Coordinator, call Captain Tommy Erwin at (731) 587-5355 ext 251 orĀ email.

The only crimes that Crime Stoppers rewards tips on, are those called into our hotline. We do not cover calls that that go direct to the Police Department. Our hotline is (731) 587-2611 or 877-364-TIPZ (8479). To contact Martin Police Department call 731-587-5355.