New Years Eve Safety Bus

The Martin Police Department Safety Bus will be in operation for the 14th year in a row this New Year’s Eve night offering free rides for citizens. Those in Martin city limits who wish to ring in the New Year with a little holiday cheer can ride the bus instead of driving. The bus will start around 8:00pm and will run until approx. 3:30am. If someone needs to be picked up, all they need to do is call the police department at 587-5355. Please do not call 911 unless you have an emergency. The bus will make scheduled stops all night at all local taverns in Martin city limits.

The bus was given to the City of Martin in 2000 by the United States Air Force. Once again, as always, Volunteer Distributors is a partner with the City of Martin in providing this service through the purchase of fuel, advertising and sign displays in an attempt to provide everyone a safe ride. Over 1800 citizens have used this service in the last 13 years.

“Even if you are not drinking on New Year’s Eve, the streets of Martin will be safer because there will be less people drinking and driving on the streets of Martin” said Capt. Sammy Liles.

“We’ll also have extra patrol officers on the streets doing foot patrols in the busy areas to keep citizens safe for the holiday. We simply don’t want anyone to be hurt due to someone drinking and driving” said Chief Don Teal.