Westview High School Update


During the afternoon of 12/14/17, the staff and MPD SRO Jason Arant were made aware of information that a possible “hit list” had been created in reference to students of Westview High School via the app, Snapchat. An investigation was started in reference to the reports immediately. Several students who were added to the Snapchat account were interviewed and it was eventually discovered that there was an account and students were added, but no threat was made. This afternoon, 12/15/2017, MPD Investigators discovered a possible IP address associated with the Snapchat account. Subsequently, the physical location of the IP address was discovered. Through further investigation, a student from Westview High School was discovered to be responsible for opening the Snapchat account and inviting other students to join it. A thorough investigation revealed that there were no threats made and that the account was initiated as a joke that apparently fueled unsubstantiated rumors pertaining to school violence. There will be no criminal charges against this student and disciplinary action will be left to the discretion of school officials. Thank you to all Weakley County School officials and staff for their help and cooperation throughout this matter.

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